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Rank 10: Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi

Overall Rating

Overall Rating: 82.9/100

Capability Rating: 50.6/60

NM Anfibio Multi Resources

1.) Purchase This Detector 
2.) Anfibio Target ID Bible Video 
3.) Target ID PDF (Soon)
4.) Best Settings (Soon)
5.) Merrill's Anfibio Playlist

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Merrill's Thoughts

If you follow sports, this analogy might make sense to you; the Anfibio is the draft prospect who impresses with physical tools and underperforms on the field. The depth of the Anfibio is exquisite. Its separation is elite. But there is something off about it; yet I keep going back to it. The Equinox came out around the same time and it succeeded because it had a wide range of frequencies running simultaneously. It opened up the field. The Anfibio perhaps can outperform the Equinox on a given signal, but you really have to get all of the settings right; and there are SO MANY settings! I can't say that I mastered this detector. I don't know many who have or who haven't moved on by 2022.

Depth: God Level Depth.....But it is so bizarre! You have to hit so many buttons to get there! You have to hit the select button twice for EUD mode, Extra Underground Depth and the gain defaults at 70. I can't say that it runs completely smoothly when at its deepest settings but on any given target you can go down well over a foot. Elite depth.

Separation: Elite separation at or close to the surface. Differentiating sides of iron and deep targets was a very tough task for me on this detector but I struggle with that on many metal detectors. 

Sound Inference: I could hear the general size of objects and shapes of objects but it wasn't able to clearly tell depth or have any extra clues from the pinpoint. In fairness, I used the Anfibio before I really understood the importance of headphones.

Target ID Inference:  The numbers change extremely fast because the separation is very good.. I need to look further in to this. Other detectors, I did the Target ID Bible. I am due to do one for the Anfibio.

Ergonomics: Not Deus light but very comfortable detector to swing. Its recovery is so fast that you want to swing it slowly anyway. 

Build Durability: The Anfibio like most Nokta metal detectors is built like a tank. It is rugged and submersible.

Battery Life: 14-19 hours

Swag (Add On's): There were a modest number of coils available for the Anfibio.

Pinpoint: I like that the depth was estimated on the pinpoint.

Navigation:  This was very difficult for me to navigate. You can get used to anything in time, but having to remember to double tap a button for EUD (Extra Underground Depth) is a little too much information.

Handles EMI: I had EMI issues at a few sites. I lowered the sensitivity and it helped.

Utility In Water: It is leakproof. If only it was simultaneous multi frequency. Great build.

Saltwater Beach: I got one of the greatest rings that I ever pulled with the Anfibio, but it still met its match with salt water. There are better options out there for the beach.

Trashy Park: I kept hitting deep iron in trashy New York City parks. That is a given end result for any detector, but the struggles were more pronounced with the Anfibio.

Handles Iron: This detector struggled with deep iron. Or perhaps the user did. 

Relative Value: Price point is fair for the utility it brings.


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