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Rank 6 - Nokta Makro Simplex

Overall Rating

Overall Rating: 86.7/100

Capability Rating: 47.7/60

Nokta Makro Simplex Resources

1.) Purchase This Detector 
2A.) Simplex Target ID Bible Coins
2B.) Simplex Target ID Bible Jewelry
3.) Target ID PDF (Soon)
4.) Best Settings (Soon)
5.) Merrill's Simplex Playlist

Sand Texture

Merrill's Thoughts

Out of every detector on the market, I have literally bought this the most. I have bought it four times (3 of those times were for friends). By default that means that this is the best value on the market; a professional metal detector for 250 dollars. This is a groundbreaking detector in that such a formidable tool has never been available at this price point. Please keep in mind that this does not deserve as high of a rating on a saltwater beach. It is highly mediocre on a saltwater beach.

Depth: I have a specific video that deals with Simplex depth.​ Generally speaking we will say 8 inches on a dime max depth and for the price point, that is not bad at all!

Separation: Separation is above average. The Vanquish is a bit deeper and the Simplex is slightly superior in target separation.

Sound Inference: I have to test this more extensively. I used the simplex before I tuned in to the importance of sound (in that sound can give you a hint on size and shape. 

Target ID Inference: Target ID is reliable. Arguably more reliable than the Legend, which clearly has issues with target ID in depth and proximity to other targets.

Ergonomics: Nokta Makro was not going for Deus weight. The Simplex has a thick box and a sturdy shaft. Middle of the pack in weight but it is balanced despite appearing top heavy.

Build Durability: Perhaps Nokta wanted to stick it to Minelab for that cheap shaft on the Equinox. It added a telescopic shaft to a 250 dollar metal detector.  On top of that, the box is 100% waterproof and submersible (despite this machine being mediocre in salt water. It's tough and rugged. Perfect score. I am not aware of any major problems. 

Battery Life: There are varying reports across the internet. I would estimate that you get 10 hours without using advanced features such as vibration and flashlight.

Swag (Add On's): There are lots of great add-ons for your Nokta Simplex.

1.) SP 22 8.5 inch DD Coil

2.) Syrox Headphones

3.) 11 inch Waterproof Coil

4.) Anderson Coil Cable Cover

5.) Koss Headphones With Waterproof Connector

6.) SP 24 9.5 By 5 Inch Coil

7.) Andy Sabisch Book

Pinpoint: The Simplex is above average at pinpointing. You can make out the shapes of targets up to 6 inches and deeper targets do indeed have a more subtle localized pinpoint. 

Navigation: The Simplex screen is easy to navigate

Handles EMI: The Simplex has a failsafe called Frequency Shift.  It works quite well but there are still some areas that EMI is a problem. That is the case with most detectors.

Utility In Water: A submersible detector for less than 300 dollars? Are you kidding me? It is REALLY REALLY GOOD in freshwater lakes, but it struggles at saltwater beaches. Anyone who tells you that all you need to do is set the ground balance to zero has clearly NOT tried better options out there. 

Saltwater Beach: You are giving up a lot if your Simplex is your go to metal detector for the beach. XP Deus 1 has the same problem. Single Frequency metal detectors will struggle in salty sand; especially salty wet sand. 

Trashy Park: Trashy parks are all about recovery speed and coil size. The Simplex will be average with the standard coil in trashy parks but it does have a great alternative with the SP 24 coil. There is no function to adjust recovery speed. 

Handles Iron: I like that there is an iron volume on this device. My preferred settings are with the iron down since it is layered everywhere in New York City. There is no way to adjust the device to be more or less receptive to iron, but I think that Nokta Makro has found a happy medium.

Relative Value: This metal detector has the best relative value on the market. I can't believe how much value and simplicity you get for 250 dollars!

Simplex Depth Test

Video:  I buried a 9.5 inch silver dime in my test garden; a test garden that has its share of iron mixed in to simulate field settings. After tinkering with settings for a while on the Simplex, I was able to get an audible non ferrous response at 9.5 inches. This is a remarkable achievement for a 235 dollar metal detector.


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