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This is the version of the Honey Badger Scoop with the 1 3/8 inch non travel shaft.


We are proud to offer you the Honey Badger Scoop! I have metal detected for 10 years. I have owned 8 beach scoops ranging in price from 50 dollars to 700 dollars. The scoops on the low end of the market are poorly made and not built to last. The scoops on the high end of the market are pieces of art, but are unattainable due to an astronomical price tag! The Honey Badger Scoop is the meeting of budget, utility and art! It is made for the serious metal detectorist and it has a price tag that reflects the artistry, but is nowhere close to the prices at the highest end of the market. Make no mistake that we feel that the Honey Badger Scoop can match the quality of any scoop on the market regardless of price.  It is intended to be the last scoop that you will ever need!  It is made of highest quality and thicker gauge stainless steel for those of you who dig on rocky beaches. It has a wide mouth, weighs 2.5 pounds and is designed to move a lot of sand! It is crafted with tightly fitting and efficient hexagonal holes and a jewelry catcher at the bottom in the middle. The jewelry catcher is there to catch small jewelry when you are in fine sand and deep water and you cant make it back to shore. There is a special design to secure the connection between carbon fiber shaft and Honey Badger Scoop. There is no rattling action like low end scoops on the market. We have ambitiously strived to make this scoop elite. 


Our journey has been documented in these videos:

1.) Announcement Video

2.) Product Update: Honey Badger Sand Scoop For Metal Detecting

3.) Honey Badger Beach Scoop Is Ready For Testing

4.) Price And Release Date

5.) Honey Badger Beach Scoop Is Ready: Pre Order HERE


Before releasing our product, we thoroughly tested it. We beat the living hell out of it! We are absurdly proud of what we are offering you. We feel that it is the best scoop on the market.   - Merrill & Jeff

Honey Badger Scoop & 1 3/8 Inch Carbon Fiber Shaft

  • We stand by our product. If there is a defect from production we will fix it or replace your scoop. Diamonds are the hardest object on Earth and even diamonds wear down with heavy industrial use, this is true with stainless steel as well.  But, we over planned to eliminate any weak connections between the Honey Badger Scoop and the carbon fiber shaft. We have also made the scoop out of thicker gauge carbon fiber and used top of the line carbon fiber to make the product. This is a product that is designed to last.

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