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Rank 4 - Minelab Manticore

Overall Rating

Overall Rating: 89.4/100

Capability Rating: 58.1/60

Minelab Manticore Resources

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Merrill's Thoughts

Please note that at the time of me writing this, I have used the Manticore for only 3 months. I have a feeling that there is more to discover. Check back to see how these numbers develop. My current thoughts are below:


The Manticore is an incredible detector but the slogan "More Power, More Depth, More Finds" is a bit misleading. After questioning it, I do believe that more power is going in to the ground. The battery depletes more quickly, EMI is less of an issue. But I am not seeing the "more depth" part of that slogan. I did have one extraordinary pull from this detector. An object that was smaller than a dime at 13 inches (with the standard coil): CLICK HERE. If I was right about those measurements, that is an extraordinary pull, but I have not seen performance beyond the scope of the Equinox on a regular basis. What I am consistently seeing is small objects being pulled at deeper depths. I am not seeing objects dime sized or larger being pulled at consistently deeper depths. The Manticore is lightning fast and it helps the user infer more accurately with Target Trace and Enhanced Audio. The notch on this metal detector is reminiscent of the E-Trac and this notch has more utility than the Iron Bias of the Equinox. (It is important that I preface), this detector has the difficult (IMPOSSIBLE) task of following up the Equinox. Go to any metal detecting themed YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok video from 2019 to mid 2022. Chances are, the user is using a Minelab Equinox. There is a reason for that! The Equinox was Usain Bolt shattering the world record in the 200 meter sprint. The Manticore might have set a new Minelab record, but it was set by the Manticore, not shattered. 

Depth: Matching the Equinox in depth is an accomplishment for any metal detector. But if the slogan is "More Power, More Depth, More Finds" that is a high bar to set. I have seen 10 inches on a dime in New York dirt which is in the same galaxy as the Equinox. Minelab's chief engineer Mark Lawrie is quoted in this video as saying that, "a target that you are hitting at 30 centimeters, you might get another 2 to 3 centimeters of depth." That equates to about an inch. He also says that, "50% more power does not mean 50% more depth".

Separation: I didn't think that it was possible to separate better than the Equinox, but the Manticore achieves it (marginally). I am finding quality targets in places that were pounded by generations of metal detectors. I have to give credit where credit is due. To have a 5 silver day in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in 2023 is an accomplishment! I credit this to enhanced separation because many of these targets were not deep. 

Sound Inference: The audio options given on the Manticore are more sophisticated than previous generations of Minelab metal detectors. My favorite is "Enhanced Audio" which truly lets the user clearly understand the size of an object. I struggled with the "Deep" audio program. I also like that you can turn up the volume of ferrous and non ferrous targets.


Target ID (Visual) Inference: The Target Trace is pretty incredible and the scale that goes to 99 stretches out what the Equinox 600 and 800 clumped together. This was a huge leap over the original Equinox machines.

Ergonomics: The Manticore is well balanced. It is heavier than the Deus 2 but you do not feel it when you swing.

Build Durability: Minelab got it right this time. Telescopic shaft. Carbon fiber. My favorite addition is the new way that the coil is connected to the shaft. I have used it a lot over my first 3 months and the coil stays in place. I don't anticipate any issues with coil ears breaking. This machine is a brick house (much like the Nokta Legend).

Battery Life: I estimate  the Manticore gives a user 10 hours of battery life. In fairness, I have been using it in All Terrain High Conductors mode. I see a more powerful battery but it seems to drain quickly; even faster than the Equinox.

Swag (Add On's)

Minelab has already dropped a small coil for high volume (bottle caps everywhere) areas and a large coil for more depth. More swag coming.

Pinpoint: The pinpoint is excellent. Part of the screen turns red when the target is centered. It feels identical to the Equinox and that is a good thing. I have learned that on deeper targets, you can tell if its iron if it is not centered under the coil. Iron falses when you are on the edge of a piece of iron. Non ferrous targets are centered under the pinpoint. 

Navigation: Navigation is linear and you will learn it quickly. The Deus 2 has a legendary learning curve (and i'm not talking about the Nokta Makro Legend). The Manticore's learning curve will be a lot faster.

Handles EMI: This is where the Manticore shines! I have been detecting UNDERNEATH power lines. I can tell you right now that no other detector can match it. 

Utility In Water: There are no known issues with the Manticore's being submerged in water. I threw mine in the bathtub CLICK HERE and people in the comments were not impressed! I have also heard good things from people who dive. The Manticore seems legit in water.

Saltwater Beach: The Deus 2 is the gold standard at the beach in 2023, but it might have a peer, I don't have enough beach use to accurately say but it sure seems to be coming close (or matching) the Deus 2 on the beach. This is a BIG statement.

Trashy Park: Yes, it is incredible in trashy parks. I am seeing more separation and similar depth. The enhanced tool offering (Target Trace, Enhanced Audio) gives you more tools to infer correctly.

Handles IronI feel that it is very good in iron (but not elite) and this rating is perhaps a bit low.  I did factor in the many reports of Manticore users being fooled by iron signals.. It is a topic that is heavily discussed across the internet I will link a video soon where I pull a large cent in an area that was pounded. 

Relative Value:  Here is the problem. The price for the Manticore is 1600 dollars. Most of what you can find with the Manticore, you can find with the Equinox. An Equinox 600 can be had for 600 dollars! I am biased because THE MAJORITY OF MY TREASURE COLLECTION WAS PULLED WITH THE EQUINOX 600. You could also get a Legend with bluetooth headphones at 600 dollars or a Legend without bluetooth headphones at 500 dollars. I don't think that an inch in depth, better inference and slightly better separation justifies a greater than 1000 dollar price difference. Make no mistake, it is a great detector but the value is where I take off points.


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