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Mar 09, 2023
In General Discussion: Detectors
It hit 45 here today, and I recently quit my job to figure out my next move. So what did I do with all my newfound free time? Take the Manticore and go detecting! A park near me was used as a gathering and recreation area going back to 1857. Most of the day was just modern change (1970s+), but then I found this! Most of the pennies I dug today rang up around 64-65, so that's what I thought I found again. The signal was nice and clear, so I figured it was worth digging. The ring was about 9-10" down. It says it's 18k EG, so it can't be THAT old; then again, electroplating dates to 1805. The ruby has a few small inclusions and generally looks to be real, but the pave diamonds are a bit chipped and cracked. That could just be because they're tiny and have been abused in the ground. I don't know if it's really worth anything, but it's my first gold ring, so that's always a good day!
First gold ring with the Manticore! content media
Feb 04, 2023
In General Discussion: Detectors
Hey all - I’ll start by saying that I genuinely like my Manticore. My Deus II is more reliable in some cases, but the battery capacity and the need to charge 3 different things has me reaching for the Manticore more often in the past few weeks since I got it. That said, I really dislike the Manticore headphones. I don’t know if my head is just weird or if the earcups on these headphones are off, but they don’t sit flat against my head. They feel like someone took old Walkman headphones from the 80s and gave them larger earcups, but forgot to extend the foam all the way to your head. Then there’s the waterproofing issue. Before I even got my detector, I heard reports of Manticore headphones dying in Europe from rain and humidity. So here’s my thought: Headphones aren’t at all complex on their own. It’s really the wireless transmission bit that gets tricky. Minelab was kind enough to leave all the screws on these headphones exposed and to use a normal screw head. I might be able to find some components from a more comfortable (and durable) headphone online, then remove the speaker elements, the battery, and the wireless receiver from these headphones and move them over. The USB-C charge port shouldn’t be an issue if I pick another headphone that charges that way. The wired input locks, so I’d need to figure out the exact sizing and some way to manually route that out. Has anyone tried this? Taking the guts from a wireless detector headphone set and putting them in a more comfortable / more durable headphone body?


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