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What Height Should My Metal Detector Shaft Be?

I was recently asked this question which is an important aspect of metal detecting. The optimal height for your metal detector shaft depends on your personal comfort and the specific model of metal detector you are using. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to determine the appropriate height:

Comfortable Operation:

  • Adjust the shaft height so that you can comfortably grip the handle without having to bend over or stretch too much. This ensures that you can use the metal detector for an extended period without causing strain or discomfort.

Elbow Angle:

  • Your elbow should be at a slight angle when holding the detector. This angle allows for better control and maneuverability. Adjust the shaft height to achieve a comfortable elbow angle while maintaining a relaxed grip on the handle.

Proper Ground Coverage:

  • The coil of the metal detector should be close enough to the ground for effective scanning. However, it shouldn't be so low that it constantly hits the ground or obstacles, as this can affect the detector's performance and cause unnecessary wear.

User Height:

  • Consider your own height when adjusting the shaft. Taller individuals may need to extend the shaft to maintain a comfortable operating position, while shorter individuals may need to shorten it.

Manufacturer's Recommendations:

  • Check the user manual or guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your metal detector. Manufacturers often include recommendations on how to properly adjust the shaft for optimal performance.

Field Conditions:

  • If you frequently detect in rough or uneven terrain, you may need to adjust the shaft height based on the specific conditions to maintain balance and stability.

Trial and Error:

  • Experiment with different shaft heights to find the setting that works best for you. Take your metal detector to a test area and make adjustments until you find a comfortable and effective operating position.

Remember that personal comfort is key, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It's a good idea to spend some time adjusting the shaft height and testing different settings to find what works best for your individual preferences and detecting style. As an experienced detector that has metal detected with clubs and friends I advise to never lean on your detector or use it to help get up or climb down a hill. This could cause damage to the shaft or coil. Happy hunting!

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I got a predator phoenix shovel to put my weight on to get back up, I have to admit before I got it I put my weight on my detector once in a while, I'm a fat ass so it helps to have something to stand back up with

Indiana Tones
Indiana Tones

I’m guilty when I started until I started to see my friends coils breaking all the time.


Yo Indiana Tones! Thank you so much this essential article. I've been highly interested in metal detecting for years (decades), but have never made the time to properly get going. But I finally got myself a decent machine a few weeks ago and will soon be learning it - that is, as soon as the ground thaws in my locale. ❄️ Keep up the great work. Thanks!

Indiana Tones
Indiana Tones

Thank you Zap. That is exciting. Happy hunting!

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