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NYC's Historic Guardians: Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club

Updated: Mar 15

First, think about how many items have been dropped for hundreds of years in New York City. Well, if you happen to recover significant items what's better than showing them off with your fellow metal detectorists at your local club. The survival and resurgence of the Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club during the pandemic is a remarkable testament to the enduring spirit of community and the power of a shared passion. This hobby not only provided a source of outdoor recreation and entertainment during challenging times but also played a crucial role in preserving the rights and positive image of metal detecting enthusiasts.

1. A Beacon of Resilience During the Pandemic:

  • Metal detecting emerged as a top choice for outdoor recreation during the pandemic, offering a safe and engaging activity for enthusiasts to explore their surroundings while adhering to health guidelines.

2. Last Standing Non-Profit Metal Detecting Club in NYC:

The Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club's survival as the sole non-profit club in New York City demonstrated its resilience and the enduring commitment of its members.

3. Monthly Gatherings for Advocacy and Camaraderie:

  • The club provided a vital platform for detectorists in the tri-state area to meet regularly, promoting responsible metal detecting, preservation and advocating for the rights of hobbyists meet friends and have fun. Nevertheless showing off monthly finds of the members to be voted on.

4. Positive Promotion of the Hobby:

  • The club's efforts extended beyond personal enjoyment; it actively worked to improve the image of metal detecting enthusiasts, emphasizing ethical practices, historical preservation, and responsible community involvement.

5. Community and Friendship:

  • Being part of a well-organized and good-intentioned club not only facilitated friendships but also created a tight-knit community. Members support each other during challenging times, both in terms of the hobby and personal well-being.

6. Thriving and Growing:

  • From the ashes of adversity, the club not only survived but thrived. Its growth showcases the enduring appeal of metal detecting as a hobby and its importance in fostering a sense of community.

7. A Positive Light on the Hobby:

  • By promoting the hobby in a positive light, the club is not only preserving its own legacy but also inspiring other clubs and individuals to uphold the same values and principles. This will help maintain our rights.

8. Diverse Range of Activities:

  • The Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club offers a diverse range of activities and services that go well beyond traditional metal detecting. These activities and services not only make the club unique but also highlight its commitment to promoting the hobby in a positive light and preserving historical artifacts.

a. Organized Hunts and Seeded Hunts: - The club hosts organized hunts, where members gather at various locations to search for hidden treasures, often in historically significant areas. These hunts offer a chance to uncover relics and artifacts from the past. - Seeded hunts are an educational and enjoyable experience, where club members use their metal detectors to locate items intentionally buried by the club. This allows members to hone their skills and gain a deeper understanding of their equipment and also win prizes


b. Natural Hunts: - Members are encouraged to explore natural hunting areas, adding an element of adventure to the hobby. These hunts provide opportunities for unexpected discoveries in outdoor environments.

c. Organized Digs on Historic Property: - The club takes part in organized digs on historic properties, contributing to the preservation of local history by carefully unearthing and documenting valuable artifacts.

d. Recovery of Lost Items: - In addition to historical preservation, the club provides recovery services to help individuals locate lost items in parks, beaches, and other outdoor spaces. This community service aspect showcases the club's commitment to assisting and connecting with the broader community.

e. Meetings Outdoors: - Club meetings are not confined to indoor spaces. They are also held in parks beaches and wooded areas offering a relaxed and natural setting for discussions, demonstrations, and fun metal detecting natural hunts.

Being part of a club has many benefits. The more the members put into the club to help and volunteer the more the members get out of the club. I would like to make a section on this blog with all the active metal detecting clubs to help all interested people find one close to them. Please comment below if you would like to see that and we will work on it. For more information on The Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club NYC's only metal detecting club visit:


It would be nice to have access to local clubs. I’m in Suffolk County Long Island and pretty new to the hobby. Just purchased a Nokta Legend.


Indiana Tones
Indiana Tones
Nov 05, 2023
Replying to

I think there are a few clubs in Long Island. Definitely one or more is in Suffolk.

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