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Best Metal Detector of 2024? It's that time of the year again!

"Exposing the Myths: The Truth About 'Best Metal Detector' Claims from Non-Metal Detectorists"

It is important to seek reliable information when it comes to choosing the right metal detector. There is a continuing rise of online opinions and claims that are questionable and some are just flat out wrong. A lot of the time, individuals who have never metal detected may be influencing others with inaccurate information. Beware of those reviews as they continue to rise!

The Rise of 'Expert' Opinions:

There is a growing trend of self-proclaimed electronics experts and media sharing news making bold claims about the best metal detectors without any practical experience, hands on research or evidence. There are multiple reasons these claims are published. One is to sell products for commissions, others include clickbait traffic among other reasons. The impact of these claims on newcomers to the hobby is toxic which can lead to confusion, frustration, wasted time and money. The best way to end all forms of these deceptive tactics is to identify them, then either ignore or call them out as we did above. The obedience and power of authority can trick consumers into buying something that is either not the right product or for features that are not needed for their application. For example a person selling a vitamin on an informercial will place a person in a lab coat to give the illusion of being true. Well when we see a reviewer of electronic products or a big newspaper reporting these reviews, as humans we may feel they are credible because of their following and popularity. This however isn't the case.

Unveiling the Truth:

The video above is an examples of those claims beind debunked from non-metal detectorists that have gained traction. We had no choice but to call them out but there are so many other people doing this to monetarily gain profits from novices or people. buying a gift. These claims lack actual metal detecting experience behind them. Most are electronics review sites, newspapers, vlogs, blogs etc.

The Importance of Hands-On Experience:

The significance of hands-on experience in metal detecting is crucial to give a proper review. We spend hours field testing equipment in all different terrains and test the equipment tirelessly to make educated conclusions. We even show video proof to help the treasure enthusiasts make their own decisions. The self proclaimed experts with no experience rely on the manufacturers claims that are inaccurate many times. There are various factors that contribute to a metal detector's performance, such as sensitivity, discrimination, depth, target recovery time, terrain, mineralization of the soil, salt water etc. Only those who have spent time in the field can truly assess these aspects.

Debunking Common Misconceptions:

Some common misconceptions or myths perpetuated by non-metal detectorists giving Youtube or blog opinions, are how some overpriced outdated technology is superior in all terrains. Heck some multi frequency detectors are not always the best either. Saying anything is the best in any situation is incorrect, unless we are talking about NYC pizza of course. Yes it's the best. Being the best is subjective, however every application has a metal detector that can perform better. False assumptions about certain brands based on manufacturer specs, high sales or community popularity isn't always the right answer.

Building a Credible Community:

Photo Credit: Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club

We encourage our treasure hunters to rely on credible sources within the metal detecting community for information including this site you have discovered. Feel free to participate in our forum and submit your email below to stay updated. We take pride in our metal detecting reviews. Also, subscribe to Indiana Tones and Metal Detecting NYC for very useful metal detecting and entertaining information. The importance of joining forums, attending local metal detecting clubs, and learning from experienced enthusiasts who actively engage in the hobby will help you become a better, ethical and knowledgable metal detectorist.

It is crucial to rely on genuine, field-tested information when it comes to choosing a metal detector. I encourage you all to share your own experiences and contribute to a community based on accuracy and practical knowledge.

I invite you all to share your their thoughts, experiences, and any additional tips for separating fact from fiction in the world of metal detecting.

Keep swingin'!

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