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Finding Your Metal Detecting Ecosystem

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Here on Long Island, the most well known and constantly packed beach is called Jones Beach. During the summer, thousands flock to Jones Beach every day. A lot of treasure is dropped there but there is also a lot of competition. On any given day over the summer, scores of detectorists can be seen patrolling the "wet"; the area of the beach between the water and the high tide line. I have observed that the wave action at Jones Beach pulls more items in to the ocean rather than depositing them on the beach. That leaves a hungry pack of detectorists fighting for limited drops. On the majority of the days I have gone to Jones Beach, it seems to be an ecosystem that has reached it's carrying capacity. In other words there is a huge supply of detectorists with limited objects to find. Jones is a phenomenal place to hunt after a storm, when there is push in from wave action, but on a normal day, it might be better to look elsewhere. In the video that is linked to, I search for a more viable ecosystem and hit pay dirt.

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15 de set. de 2022

Hello, I have been treasure hunting for...well lets just say I have owned many detectors😂 Over the years I've watched and learned from many treasure hunters on YouTube or in the field/beach, so I decided to start my own YouTube channel in 2016 Some Beach Detecting, I have subscribed to over 1000 detectorist/treasure hunters enjoying their fantastic finds,skills and ideas along the way.


A few years back while surfing detectorist on YouTube I ran into the Metal Detecting NYC🗽 channel ...I was like what!!???🤣😂😅 metal detecting rap songs? and good detecting humor!!?...this is something I had not seen before or enjoyed since the only humor detecting was the tv series Diggers with KG and Ringy!

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