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This coil support is designed to fit on you Equinox 11” & 15" coils. It is 3-D printed to be an exact fit for original shaft and some aftermarket shafts. (DOSE NOT FIT ANDERSON DETECTOR SHAFTS. Coming soon...) Designed to give your coil ears extra support to prevent them from breaking. The purpose of this add on is to prolong the life of the coil ears which are thin from the factory and are prone to breaking. This coil support is a great investment for protecting your expensive coil.


Do you have broken coil ears already? If you have one or both of your Coil ears broken? We can make a replacement for your coil just email us at 

Minelab Equinox 600/800 11" & 15" Coil Ear Support

  • *Disclaimer* This product is designed to protect your coil from SLIGHT pressure only; it may not preform as expected if you apply heavy pressure: (ex) to use your detector as a way to lift yourself off the ground.

    For an additional level of protection, we advise you to either zip tie support to coil at the groove on each side of the base of the support or apply a two-stage epoxy designed for use on plastic on the bottom of the coil support so it will adhere to the coil (gluing may void coil's warranty).

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