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Nokta Makro Legend: You Are LOSING GOLD!

I have made two extremely thorough metal detecting target ID videos so far. One was for the Minelab Equinox and the other two were for the Nokta Simplex (American Coins, Treasure & Trash). I am currently working on one for the Nokta Makro Legend and every time I make one these videos, I learn something really important.

In this case, I rang up all of my gold and there was quite a bit that rang up at 11 on the Nokta Legend scale. Below is an excerpt from the Nokta Makro Legend Target ID Bible.

The problem is, that the Nokta Legend notches out numbers 1-11 whenever the machine is turned on and it is an extremely viable gold VDI number. (See below)

Although well intended, Nokta advises that, "aluminum foil typically generates a Target ID of 11" and "depending on the shape, its ID can go up to 20. While this is true, 10-20 is an extremely viable gold range. My complete findings are in the video below.

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