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Our diverse community is our strength!

We are A Concerned Community organization. Our diverse community oriented group of like minded diverse individuals who seek the best for each other with a smile on our face and a firm friendly handshake, To support our mission of diversity among one another, To uplift those who need it and to make our little but giant community a better place. Our mission is simple: diversity is our strength! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MISSION!

This is Uncle Tony taking care of business drinking out of his favorite cup, Always coffee! All good things come from Uncle Tony so when he says "Let's go metal detecting" he means it! Uncle Tony likes to share his life's experiences for all to learn. He is truly a Italian American bad ass. Storming the beaches at a young age gave him that title. His life's work in local business makes him well respected so much that there are coffee cups and shirts with his likeness on them all over. When he steps out of the Tom's River Social Club people all over scream his name. He is loved by all and he is a rock star in his community. Uncle tony has given so much to his community because he loves his community. Help us spread his love! CHOW!

Toms River Metal Detecting Pager

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